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Languages: Spanish

Capital: Buenos Aires

Population: 44.7 million

Area: 2.78 million km²

Political system: Federal presidential representative republic with a bicameral legislature, a president on four-year term from direct popular election (no term limits), and independent judiciary

Economic system: mixed system with a variety of freedom and centralized economic planning and government regulation

Gross domestic product (GDP): US$920.2 billion

GDP per capita: US$ 20,876

Industrial structure (% of GDP):

Agriculture: 10.9%

Industry: 28.2%

Services: 60.9% 

Exports of goods and services: US$ 74667million

Imports of goods and services: US$ 84846 million

Top exports

  1. Soybean Meal

  2. Corn

  3. Soybean Oil

  4. Delivery trucks

  5. Soybeans

Top export destinations

  1. Brazil

  2. United States

  3. China

  4. Chile

  5. Vietnam

Top imports

  1. Cars

  2. Vehicle Parts

  3. Telephones

  4. Delivery trucks

  5. Computers

Top import origins

  1. Brazil

  2. China

  3. United States

  4. Germany

  5. Mexico

Foreign direct investment:

net inflows US$ 11872 million; net outflow US$ 1 million (2018)

Principal investors (most updated data:2016) Spain, Panama, Venezuela, Bermuda, Chile


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  3. Ministry of foreign relation and worship